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You might be wondering why 333 UAH and 450 UAH?

Russia’s war aim is literally and figuratively to destroy Ukraine. Ukrainians however, have resisted like no time in the past, defending their homes and lives and keeping the very idea of being Ukrainian alive. 

During heavy combat on the front, it’s complicated to fire several artillery batteries at the same time. So, the order has been simplified, and in most cases is yelled out as “333” or “three hundred thirty-three!”

And everyone understands.

It saves time, a valuable commodity on the front, and facilitates an effective synchronization of heavy weaponry and personnel, now defending European liberty.

When Ukrainian soldiers hear “4.5.0.” (four-five-zero) over the radio, he or she knows all is clear in their sector. Although always vigilant, the Armed Forces of Ukraine keep cities and towns in Ukraine safe, or “4.5.0.”

These two terms have become part of Ukraine’s culture today. Despite the uncertainty, when asked, “How are you?” people will respond with “4.5.0!” Or when faced with a challenge at work having to complete something urgently, you might hear, “So, it’s time to 333 to get the job done.” From naming double espressos “Javelins” at the Bayraktar coffee shop, to adopting the language of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Ukraine’s unity is a testament to the will to live free. 

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