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During martial law, the subscription is free

Normally, a subscription to The Arc costs 333 UAH/month. Each subscription helps finance the work of writers creating well-written long form fiction and nonfiction stories. You’ll also be supporting Ukrainian artists and illustrators, the production of podcast versions of our stories and other creatives involved in the making of The Arc. A subscription also covers the cost of research and data collection involved in writing the stories. By subscribing, you’ll be helping to develop and promote bold and skillful storytelling, while enjoying well-told, original content to help build Ukraine’s story Arc!

Subscription Price:

— Monthly 333 UAH/month

— Annual 3330 UAH/year (2 months free!)

You might be wondering, why 333 UAH? 

On the front lines of Russia’s war against Ukraine, artillery commanders need to issue clear & concise orders. However, during heavy combat, it’s complicated to fire several batteries at the same time. The simple order, in most instances yelled out, is “333” or “three hundred thirty-three!” And everyone understands its meaning, giving time to prepare the batteries. This innovative command facilitates an effective synchronization of heavy weaponry and men, defending their homes and liberty.

Russia’s war aim is literally and figuratively, to destroy Ukraine. But today, Ukrainians have resisted like no time in the past, defending their homes and their lives and the very idea of being Ukrainian. And as we build a new Ukraine, the stories we write aim to keep our readers in sync. 

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