Stories illustrated by Maryna Lutsyk

Zones of Alienation… and Rebirth

The ruins of newly created “zones of alienation” remind us of what we’ve lost, just like the empty high-rise buildings of Pripyat…

The Providence of Ukraine’s Victory. Part II

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed Russia to be a fragile state and a Potemkin great power in the process of disintegration…

The Providence of Ukraine’s Victory

Ukraine’s upcoming military defeat of Russia will set in motion the disintegration of the last remaining Russian empire…

A Working Woman’s Story

In a country where you’re only allowed to speak in party slogans, it’s best to keep your mouth shut…

Deus ex Ucraina

On that day, the sound of exploding shells whistling as they crashed into the center of Moscow woke me up…

Failure of Faith

Since the time when Total Fairness was established in Europe, Abraham had never again seen the sun on the streets of Paris…


Can Achilles beat a tortoise in a race?

Mapping Russia’s Devolution

The rupture of the Russian Federation will be the third phase of imperial collapse following the unravelling of the Soviet bloc and the disintegration

Mature Ukraine

One icy December night the devil landed in St. Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Empire…

Zones of Alienation… and Rebirth

But perhaps losing Chornobyl to the occupier in the invasion showed its importance now that Kyiv has won it back.

Ivan Fedorovich from Moscow

“I told you from the very beginning it was a bad idea to come to this mudhole…”

The Price of Mammoth Meat

Can diseases have a nationality?