Everyone has an arc.

The lessons learned from life create an arc that can become a story demanding to be told and retold.

These are the stories we would want to read ourselves. And because there was nothing like this on the market, we created ARC.

Stories to inspire you to contemplate life, and the culture of our society. ARC is about the prosaic and the extraordinary, the present, future and past, ruminated over, thought through and presented in story form. Stories about us, who we are, who we were and who we can be – sometimes ironically comedic, at other times heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Fair warning: some of the stories resemble reality so vividly, they are hard to believe, and others are so outlandish, they strike you as being true.

This is what you’ll read in the journal ARC.

Our journal contains long reads, fiction and nonfiction, in Ukrainian and English, that you can read or listen to. We respect our audience, so we provide you only with well thought out and meticulously designed texts. Each of them is the result of dozens of hours of research using big and small data. Each word is carefully chosen, because every word has meaning. Calling things by their true names is as important today as it was thousands of years ago, so the resemblance to real events and people is not accidental nor a coincidence.

Long reads are ideal for a leisurely, deliberate deep dive into the seemingly mundane that can touch our very souls. The ability to focus on and deeply explore a subject, to luxuriate in the discovery of something new and to find there a new meaning in the familiar, is a skill we fear is waning in this world of sound bites and 30 second videos. Unless you spend some time listening, you won’t be able to hear the whispers of the universe.

Prometheus gave humanity the gift of fire, but the Age of Heroes ended long ago. It is up to us, readers and thinkers, to keep the flames of curiosity alight. The stories on ARC are an invitation to leave the cave and look at the world from a different perspective.

Welcome to Ukraine’s ARC.