№8 – february-March 2023

Kyiv Rising

Dismember the empire or languish in tombs.

Mapping the Peace

There is no scenario in which Russia retreats from Ukraine and negotiates in good faith, unless

The Curious Case of a Delusional Codependency

Germany’s maniacal fascination with Russia goes back centuries, and was built on toxic narratives of power, violence, and deception

The Russian Soldier’s Code of Honor

It all began the day before the baptism of Rus’ several hundred years ago, when the last self-proclaimed Cimmerian, on his 999th birthday had a

The Providence of Ukraine’s Victory. Part II

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed Russia to be a fragile state and a Potemkin great power in the process of disintegration…

The Providence of Ukraine’s Victory

Ukraine’s upcoming military defeat of Russia will set in motion the disintegration of the last remaining Russian empire…