Submit your story to The Arc

The Arc is always on the lookout for new stories. To join our community of writers and storytellers and become a warrior-poet, please fill out the form below and submit your original unpublished story (provide a link to the text, in Google Doc or Apple Pages). We’ll review it and get back to you.

We do, however, reserve the right not to consider requests for material which doesn’t meet our requirements.

What should you submit?

The final draft of your story, a minimum of 5 000 words in length, about any subject, in any genre, related in some way to Ukraine, Ukrainians, or the world. We seek stories with an arc, a controlling idea, protagonists, and forces of antagonism which hold a reader’s interest and lead to a transformative experience.

What should you not submit?

Please don’t submit stenograms of interviews, book or film reviews, news items, or dry analytical material. We are not seeking content for the sake of content. We recommend reading about the elements, principles, and craft of story in this book.

When should you expect a reply?

We respond to every submission, but we need some time to get back to you. If you haven’t heard a response from us after a few weeks, feel free to boldly remind us about your submission, or move on to submit your work elsewhere. If you have submitted your story to several publications, and you receive an offer, please let us know.

What about payment?

We respect the intellectual property rights of our writers and pay for content we choose to publish. If the editors decide to publish your story, our managing editor will contact you to discuss the terms of payment. We will not, under any circumstances, or in any form, publish, share, or copy your texts without your permission.

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