About us

The Arc publishes three well-told, extraordinary stories every month about Ukrainians, Ukraine and the world we live in. The stories span all genres, but are exclusively long reads. We invest a lot of time, effort and heart in each story so that our subscribers will want to read or hear every last word. Read about our genesis here.

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Who We Are

Dr. Ulana Suprun
founder and editor-in-chief

Ulana is a medical doctor specializing in Radiology. She served as acting Minister of Health of Ukraine (2016-2019), is a founder of the NGO Patriot Defence and chair of the NGO ARC UA. Like Schrodinger’s cat, she has the uncanny ability to be both in Ukraine and outside of Ukraine at the same time.

Marko Suprun
founder and creative editor

Marko is a film producer, one of the founders of Babylon’13 and Patriot Defence, who does battle with disinformation and dispels Russian fakes. He helps us to remember that sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference.

Marichka Melnyk (pen name)
editor, author and analyst

After completing her doctorate in historical studies, Marichka took on a new task: battling grammatical errors (nobody can figure out how she is able to find them all.) Her stories elicit the deepest of emotions from readers. She was born and grew up in a “bandit’s” village and categorically refuses to move anywhere else.

Oleksii Dubrov
author and analyst

Oleksii is a historian, recipient of the prestigious Gaude Polonia scholarship program in 2019. He has over eight years of experience working in the field of culture, and seventeen years of experience living in Kryviy Rih. A student of the humanities who loves numbers and statistics, Oleksii has been known to occasionally go over to the Dark Side (they have tasty cookies.)

Cadmus (pen name)
author and analyst

A humble Doctor of Philosophy in History, Cadmus loves to go fishing. Sometimes he spends so much time on the river bank waiting for a bite, that the fish start telling him their stories.

Maryna Lutsyk
art director

An artist from the age of six, Maryna (for an unfathomable reason) began her studies in university majoring in History. She was smart enough to follow her muse – sketching broken pieces of ancient ceramic pots eventually graduating with a degree in archaeology. She got her street smarts in Cherkasy with neighborhoods that make Kyiv’s look like a playground. Maryna can do anything – from embroidery to soldering. And, of course, she can navigate any vehicle over any road – even those that only exist on a map.

Oleh Mahdych
author and analyst

Oleh is another humble PhD in history and works as a researcher in the Taras Shevchenko National Museum. Oleh can easily lecture on any historical subject matter taking place in any time period, making you feel as though he had lived through the events himself and saw them with his own eyes.

Ardis Chrystal, Stefko Bandera, Hanna Melnychenko, Hanna Rak, Maria Dubrova, Vitaly Zhuhay, Daiva Gridziuškaitė, Clarisse Brossard, Indrek Peterson, Kaldygul Kudaibergenova, Stepan Makowiecki, Ieva Lesinska-Geibere, Yevgeniy Yeromin

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